Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ordering Costumes...850 Costumes

What goes into ordering about 850 costumes for our Spring Performance? You have no idea...

1 -  We pick a ballet production
2 - We brainstorm costumes per class (this helps us cast parts per class - if a cute 3 yr old costume appears, we might switch roles around)
3 - Once we have a general idea of costume picks, we set a preliminary cast list (knowing Helena - the cast list will change 2-3 times before performance time)
4 - We order: from at least 10 companies - usually by January 10th
5 - We wait
6 - Depending on "In Stock" vs. "Not in Stock" (meaning they need to be sewn from scratch...we begin receiving costumes in February

***Side Note - Headpieces: Each costume comes with some sort of headpiece, but we like to embellish! We work with a mastermind dance Mamma! She helps us come up with creative and glittery additions to our costume head pieces. We order supplies and her/maria assemble! Her creativity is amazing - I don't know how she comes up with all the crazy ideas. Just wait to see what she has for Hansel & Gretel!

7 - We organize: as soon as we begin receiving costumes, we try them on to make sure sizing works. If they fit - we put names inside costumes & on the costumes hanger and put it UP in the studio (up high on hangers). If they do not fit - we try to exchange for another size (only sometimes accepted). If so - we get a new size. If not - we have our EXPERT sewing team (Mormor - HSUL's mother) make alterations.
8 - More costumes arrive
9 - More sizing/labeling/hanging
10 - The 'Full Picture' begins to emerge
11 - It is APRIL and costumes just arrived - guess what - we need to return for sizes. When will they arrive? May 25th! Thats Dress Rehearsal...basically (I tell them).
12 - Classes rehearse in costume
13 - Full ballet rehearsal takes place and costume changes are rehearsed
14 - Costumes are counted, put in alphabetical order, tied together and transported to Dibden Center for the Performing Arts
15 - Costume Shop at Dibden is cleaned and costumes are loaded in, by performance, by class
16 - The show goes on...
17 - Assigned costumes are sent home per class...
18 - We clean up shop, and head out

Until Next Year

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