Sunday, August 9, 2015

Creating 'the' schedule...

You often wonder...why does it take so long to get the Fall|Spring schedule out. We get emails, calls, questions, etc. The thing takes months. As much as we try to get all schedules organized, teacher's availability known (for the moment...which they change), organize schedules based on students challenging/multiplying/over-lapping schedules...we try our best.

Here is what happens:
1. We base the schedule on the previous year...just as a start
2. We reach out to teachers to see their availability
3. We create lists of class placements
4. Based on those class placements - we see what MIGHT work as a weekly schedule
5. Teachers confirm/decline their schedule
6. We see if the current schedule works in our time-frame
7. We book slots - and assign studios and teachers
8. Confirm...confirm...confirm

It all changes a million times. Just being honest. This is a very difficult task and although you don't like waiting...we greatly appreciate your patience.


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