Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fall 2012 in Review

The Fall of 2013 was as busy as ever at both Stowe & Mad River Dance Academy. We have seen such great dedication & passion from all of our students. Keep working hard through the New Year & thank you for being awesome. 

Last Pre Pro B class of 2013 - working as hard as ever.

Ballet in Waitsfield

Pre Ballet Friday w/ Helena - All smiles

Congrats to our smarties (junior/seniors) at Stowe: Reilly Faith, Colleen McHugh, Meghan Driscoll & Annika Norden on their National Honor Society induction tonight! We are thrilled to have dedicated dance students who excel in academics! Great role models right here - congrats all.

Nutcracker 2014 - Congrats to our beautiful Clara's

Lila Derryberry (pictured with Vlad Roje) & Hilary Wailonis

Sneak Peak of Observation Week
Rick Kinsman (SDA Hip Hop teacher) even got the parents to join class. 

Observation Week sneak peak #2 - Crunch away...

A little fun in Pre Pro B while Helena was out of town! Finding flexibility all over the studio. 

TRIP Seniors (Abbie, Grace, Kira, Colleen, Emma, Natalie, Annika, Rachael, Sophia, Reilly, Madi & Meaghan!)

TRIP Juniors - All Smiles

A few (not all) of the TRIP Mini's!

TRIP Dance Company was buzzing with excitement, intense choreography, conventions around New England and a group full of amazing youth dancers. 

January Born Dancers

January children  - Happy Birthday to you!

Ella McCormack
Molly Carpenter
Megan Grover
Wren Murphy
Gabriella Kumpf
Lainey Lonetto
Kira Wollensak
Hattie Mitchell
Luke Slesar
Grace Dolan
Meghan Driscoll
Lindsey Boyden
Idoline Duke
Laura Badger
Olivia Flynn
Wynter Mindnich
Rachael Barr
Meaghan McHugh
Sylvie Trevor
Alexandra Heintz
Violet Ames
Kaitlyn Westbrook
Maria Sullivan

November...December...Happy Belated

Our bad....we wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday!


Riley LeFevre
Talula Leven
Haley Roper
Ana Ortiz
Hannah Mckay
Emma Ryley
Alex Sharat
Tatiana Heintz
Sydney Medow
Fiona Smith
Maya Fried
Livia Kent
Rebecca Knight
Isabelle Maranda
Phoebe Kremar
Ellie Ortiz
Adelaide Sullivan
Molly Bryan
Carolina Irauzqui


Acy Craig
Amelia Brooks
Natalie Doehla
Colleen McHugh
Abrie Howe
Amelia Soucy
Lula Paumgarten
Addy Petrasch
Gwendolyn Daliere
Nadia Chudzik
Faye Davis
Ruby Jane Kontos
Savannah Rolfe
Amelia Bronner

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sound of Music - The Ballet

Here is the cast list for our 2014 Spring Production!

Have at it...

SDA &  MRDA Sound Of Music Cast 2014

Maria Rainer- Reilly Faith
Captain Georg Von Trapp- Vladimir Roje
 Liesl-Sophia Minter
Friedrich- Amelia Tarno
Louisa- Madeline Dwyer
Brigitta- Ashley Hill
Marta- Sojourn Gudorf Johnston
Kurt- Savannah Rolfe
Gretl-Astrid Young
 Baronessa Elsa Schrader- Katie Gallagher
Max Dettweiler-TBA
Rolf Gruber- Owen Leavey
Frau Schmidt- TBA
Mother Abbess- Colleen McHugh
Sister Margareta- Emma Rivers
Sister Berta- Kira Wollensak
Sister Sophia- Rachael Barr

Dance&Movement Friday 9:15am class/teacher Helena- Love
Dance &Movement Saturday 9:15am class/teacher/Helena-Love
PreBallet Friday 3:05pm class/teacher/Helena-Love
Ballet 1 Thursday 4:10pm class teacher/Mary- Goats
Ballet 1 Thursday 3:30pm class teacher/Helena- Goats (MRDA class)
Ballet 1 Saturday 12:00pm class teacher/Helena- Goats
Ballet 2 Tuesday 3:10pm class teacher/Helena-Shepherdesses this class performs in two shows
Ballet 2/3 Thursday 4:30pm class teacher/Helena- Shepherdesses (MRDA class)
Ballet 3/4 Thursday 3:10pm teacher/Mary – Musical Notes (Do Re Mi) this class performs in two shows
Ballet 4 Thursday 5:30pm teacher/Helena-Musical Notes(Do Re Mi) (MRDA class)
All classes below perform in three shows
Beg. Teen Ballet Wednesday 6:45pm class teacher/Maria -Butler& Maids
Ballet Int. 1 Wednesdays 3:10pm teacher/Vlad- Kaltzberg Festival Dancers
Ballet Int.1 Saturday 4:45pm teacher/Helena- Confidence
Ballet Int.2 Wednesday 4:10pm teacher/Vlad-Villagers
Ballet Int. 2 Thursday 5:10pm class teacher/Hillary- Kaltzberg Festival Dancers
PrePro B Monday 4:15pm class teacher/June- Soldiers
PrePro B Wednesday 5:25pm class teacher/Vlad- Villagers
PrePro A Monday 5:45pm class teacher/June- Nuns
PreProA Wednesday 6:45pm class teacher/Vlad- Ball Guests
PreProA Saturday 10:00am class teacher/Helena- Nuns
Pointe 1 Wednesday 5:45pm class teacher/Mary- Girls in White Dresses
Pointe 2 Saturday 3:30pm class teacher/ Helena- Thunder & Lightning
Pointe 3 Monday 7:15pm class teacher/June- Gazebo

In Order of Appearance:
Villagers-PrePro B/ Vlad
Nuns-PrePro A/June
Villagers-Int 2/ Vlad
Butler& Maids- Beg Teen Ballet/Maria
Gazebo-Pinte 3/June
Love- Dance & Movement and Preballet/Helena
Thunder & Lightning- Pointe 2/Helena
Girls in White Dresses- Ponte 1/Mary
Musical Notes (Do Re Mi)- Beg.3/4with Mary & Beg. 4 (Waitsfield) with Helena
Puppet Show Goats- Beg 1 with Mary, Beg.1 with Helena & Beg. 1 (Waitsfield)Helena
Ball Guests- PrePro A /Vlad
Nuns (wedding) –Prepro A Hillary&Helena
Soldiers-PrePro B/June & Helena
Kaltzberg Festival dancers- Int 1. /Vlad
Kaltzberg Festival Dancers-Int. 2/Hillary