Thursday, October 31, 2013

Week 9: Update

Isadora's Classes -
  • PrePro A: is working on improvisation and using it not only in class but incorporating in into performance. 
  • PrePro B: has been focusing on strength building and some basic modern dance principals. Lots of curves, leg swings and rolls. Isadora is really excited by their progress so far as a whole group.
Rick's Classes - 
  • Waitsfield classes are going great and students are having a blast. 
  • Stowe classes are going strong and have been growing. 
Maria's Classes:
  • Lyrical 4: My most advanced students are mastering the choreo I've been giving them, while I've suddenly changed the music. This change is forcing my students to become more creative and really listen to the music, while applying the new style of music to their movement. Their improvisation is becoming more specific and unique. 
  • Lyrical 3: We're working on changing between flowing movement and simple, linear movements. Their dance goes from one to the other. Looking great. We're also focusing on strengthening through yoga practices in our warm-up. 
  • Lyrical 2: Currently focusing on turns. Spotting, arm placement and feeling confident while turning. Making great progress. 
  • Teen Beg. Ballet: Vocab.Vocab.Vocab - I've asked my students to bring a  ballet term and definition to class each week. We're making a list & I quiz them during each class. We're at the point where we just go through the barre and exercises. Really moving along!
Mary's Classes:
  • Pointe 1: These dancers are really hard workers.  They are working on strength and control. We watch videos of ballets so the can see what it looks like to be in control on pointe and how buerres should look like you are floating. New - also spend time with constructive peer feedback.
  • Ballet 3/4: First things first -  working on remembering ballet shoes and hair in buns. Just like the older girls, they are just about to move into an entirely different level of dance in the next couple of years. So we are also working on one hand on the barre and the etiquette that goes with it. Always starting with Left hand on the barre, how to soutenu to the perform exercises on the other side.
  • Ballet 1: Is working on learning the names for ballet steps: degaje, ronde de jamb, pas de beurre, tendu, grand battment and the 5 positions of feet and arms.
  • Note From Miss Mary: 'All my beginning ballet classes are learning or reviewing ballet class etiquette.  Clapping for someone if they have demonstrated something, clapping at the end if class and curtsying to your teacher.'
June's Classes - 
  • Classes are always fun, but not the specific exercises. In all classes, we have been working on getting the strength to maintain turnout properly. Lots of hip alignment work and adagio strength. This has been out main focus. 
  • It's not overly fun for the students, but they are getting there! 
Danielle's Classes -

  • All Stowe classes have recently made a list of their goals for the year. A few weeks after the holiday break, I will hand back their goal sheets for them to review and see where they stand. They can add new goals at this time.I do this every year with each class.
  • Tap 3 & 4: We started the year off  with "hoofing" or "rhythm tap," focusing more on the rhythmic percussion of the sounds, staying grounded and tapping into the floor. From there, because there are so many new tappers this year, we took a class or two to review the basics! So very important!!! Now both classes are currently working on a "Broadway Style" combination. This style is more mainstream, commonly found in Broadway musicals and is characterized by flashy steps and dancing "on" the floor.  I was taught all styles of tap so I feel it's important to pass  that along.
  • Jazz 2: Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility!!! Our goal this year is to get both the right and left split.  I have seen great progress already. We are also working on our jazz pas de bourree, pirouettes, reverse grapevines and the pony (who doesn't love to pony?!?!).
  • Tap/Hip Hop & Waitsfield Jazz/Tap 1: We are getting the basics down in tap! For jazz and hip hop, both classes are working on the funky hokey pokey and having a blast!  
  • I'm having so much fun with all classes this year and I am seeing great progress!!!

More to come....

Helena's Classes -

Hillary's Classes - 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

October Birthday Dancers!

We wish you a VERY happy birthday!

Shannon Collar
Skie Maves
Katelyn O'Toole
Lillian Cadwell
Emma Rivers
David Gosselin
Willow Nichols
Lucia Hamor
Sydney McElligott
Sophie Manosh
Lilliana White
Lucy Andrus
Emmy Schoepke
Alaena Hunt
Avery Turner
Eliza Cabot
Megan Morse
Maggie Belknap
Annika Norden
Anna Rothschild
Rachel Stafford
Sophie Helzel
Annalise Westervelt
Amelia Maranada

Enjoy your day!