Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome Back Dancers: Week 1

Welcome Home...Back

Maria and her Lyrical 2 Group

Danielle and Adv. Tap - making lots of noise!


More to come!

Remember Last Summer?

Seems like only two days ago, we were basking in the sun...WAIT! It was only two days ago! Some highlights from SDA and MRDA can be found below!

Above: Hip Hop/Tap/Musical Theater camp.

Above: Ballet Intensive with Stephanie Greenwald

Above: Babes on Broadway with Helena

Above: Hip Hop/Tap/Musical Theater - looks awesome.

Grace C's Birthday Celebration!

Above: MRDA Camp - Everyone gets to wear those costumes once or twice!

Above: New to Pointe

Above: MRDA Ballet Camp

Summer = Ice Pops!

Thank you all who joined us this Summer for dance camp! We had a fantastic time with you.

Happy Birthday September!


Abigail Burfoot
Castine Lizotte
Katen Wright
Nina Isabell
Kaitlyn Crouse
Stella Hamor
Lila Montgomery
Grace Goldfine
Lillian Dorion
Ellie Riva
Julianne Young
Hailee Anetsberger
Georgia Schnee
Madeline Metraux
Lindsey McCormack
Allie Brooks
Avery Marchand
Morgan Mckenna
Valerie Broderick
Antonia Rocchio
Rowan Dodge

Summer BDAYs!

Sorry we missed you!


Will Bradbury

Ryder Wise
Ellie Blackburn
Rosalie Wasser
Eris Galland
Lena Hansen
Sage Lively
Olivia Slen
Sofia Guzman
Ava Fagnant
Alex Fuss
Bethany Nelson
Madi Dwyer
Harper Eliason
Emily Trowbridge
Astrid Young
Sophia Minter
Juliette Hoder
Kira Walker
Anthony Broderick
Isobel Lovell
Lucia Lovell
Grace Palmer


Devin Kiernan

Emily Croes
Reilly Faith
Nina Kellogg
Nell Tarno
Emaline Ouellette
Skylar Larson
Emilia Marron
Katherine Black
Grace Cavender
Ruby Blais
Kerris Manosh
Brinley Hirce
Abigail Dunham
Deacon Mittler


Kate Kauffman

Juliana Conte
Ashley Hill
Katherine Gallagher
Maisie Schnee
Emily Oehrle
Nikki Rosado
Sydney Larson
Ellie Moriarty
Emma Rapp
Ava Shaffer
Natalie Herwood
Beth Gabois
Macey Crowder
Chesley Smith
Isa Echarte Drekter
Onyx Baird
Olivia Ambler
Tyler Anderson
Mary Chudzik