Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: 2013 Show

The show went very well this year. Limited amounts of stress (besides some costumes not arriving until the DAY of the first performance - or not arriving at all). Spacing rehearsal and dress rehearsal were a bit scary with the little ones, but they seriously pulled through for each performance. They found their numbers, followed along and killed it. 

The Sullivan family even had time to sneak in a dinner on a nice VT summer night with Mormor (Helena's mother imported from Sweden to assist with the show), and Justin (Maria's boyfriend). Oh - and then there is david...and Coppe of course! 

Dress rehearsal with the fairies, ball guests and Stowe High School boys. 

Coppe & Helena after the entire show weekend. She had to have a shot as Cinderella the dog! 

Review: Dress Rehearsal

'Cinderella & An Evening of Dance' - Dress Rehearsal Edition

Bluebirds - Sunday Cast

Helena - roughly 20 minutes after arriving home from dress Saturday's spacing rehearsal.

Coppe joined us for all rehearsals and shows at Dibden this year. She kept Helena calm.

She also had her few moments of stage time....a dogs dream.

Keeping her calm

1st SDA Pizza Party

Long ago - Helena promised the girls a pizza party under one condition. The ENTIRE class had to execute all their splits. This year (after years of trying), these girls finally accomplished the difficult goal. They worked hard and finally got a yummy pizza party. 

Helena with the girls - nomnom

In their splits

Enough Said...