Friday, November 30, 2012

My last blog post: Backstage at the Nutcracker!

Congratulations to everybody in the Nutcracker...You were all fabulous! Here are the long awaited backstage photos from the 2012 Nutcracker production! Enjoy :)

Carmen and Zach (as Clara and Fritz) with Sojourn and Vlad!
Gotta love sausage curls
Nutcracker all wrapped up
Party girl dresses
Party girls getting ready
Pep talk!

and….. bomb by Maria!

Nervous? No!
Maria and Sojourn before the show
Happy family
Silly party boy: Sean
Sad family being not so sad backstage
Paul AKA "the bratty child"
Bratty children
Crazy faces by all of the party children
Fritz and his cousin are ready to go on! 
Clowns and reindeer getting ready
Soldier hats
Angle wings
Clowns in costume


Me with SDA student, Nadia
The amazing cupcakes at Carmen and Sojourn's cast party!
Mice hanging out in the dressing room
Ssshhh… this is how Emma and I remembered our maid part 
Prop table
The Nutcracker used in the show
Kate getting her lipstick on
Sunday party girls
Emma Rivers and I as the maids

Fritz (Michael) and his cousin (also Michael!)
Clara, Fritz and Cousin anxious for the show to begin
The cousins
The happy family
More silly faces
So excited!
Onstage bratty family….but real life sweeties! 

Emma with some of the party children

With Ms. Helena before the show

SDA/TRIP soliders: Reilly, Meghan, Emma and Grace
TRIP girls at Kate's cast party

Can't wait until next year!

Thanks for reading the blog this month!! I hope you have enjoyed reading it, as much as I have had writing it! Happy dancing!