Sunday, September 30, 2012

Changing bloggers!

Thank you Annika Norden for being our September blogger! Our next blogger is Sojourn Gudorf Johnston of Stowe Dance Academy. Welcome Sojourn...we hope you enjoy blogging for SDA/MRDA!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celebrate September Birthdays!

Happy Birthday Students (& Teacher)!

Happy Birthday September Babies!

Abby Burfoot
Noele Leavey
Malia McAllister
Ariana Nichols
Karen Wright
Nina Isabell
Kaitlyn Crouse
Stella Hamor
Lila Montgomery
Grace Goldfine
Lillian Doiron
Hailee Anetsberger

Georgia Schnee

Madeline metraux
Lindsey McCormack
Charlotte Tyler
Leah Kuhnert
Avery Marchand
Morgan Mckenna
Nadia Noonan
Valerie Broderick
Antonia Rocchio
Rowan Dodge


Danielle Suffredini

Once each month, we will post the names of students who are celebrating a birthday! If you see them at SDA or MRDA, wish them a Happy Birthday.