Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dance Preseason!

The end of a successful dance preseason is only the start to an exciting 2012-2013 competition season!  Both the new and the familiar faces of Stowe Dance Academy's TRIP Dance Company were hard at work, dancing six hours each day for the past week.  With 34 talented dancers and three amazing choreographers, TRIP produced nine unique dances which will be ready to compete in December! From tea parties, to singing birds, and everything in between, our repertoire has grown tremendously (and not to mention, increased in its degree of difficulty).  We look forward to the start of classes and working hard as TRIP rehearsals continue.

Our friendly Juniors taking a break

The Teens getting a little crazy...

...then serious

TRIP's senior dancers with Maria

The massage train!

And Mazel Tov to our TRIP member and fellow dancer Rachael Barr for becoming a Bat Mitzvah!  We wish you the best!