Monday, December 10, 2012

New York City Dance Alliance!

What a weekend!! Even though we are all exhusted, we had an amazing time! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Emma and Kira getting excited for our first class of the weekend to start

Annika, Kira, Eliza, Emma, and Colleen having fun in Girl Frenzy

The Juniors back stage before Amazing Mazie

The Juniors backstage before Diamonds

The Juniors back stage before Hit the Road
The dog walkers from the senior dance London Baby, Rachael, Reilly, and Ashley
A little girl that was back stage at the competition with her mom came over to us and asked Reilly if she could pet her dog. So cute!
Hanging out back stage!

Reilly and Ashley on Stage in London Baby

Group shot of London Baby
Reilly in London Baby
I Know the Truth

Group shot of Home
On stage for awards! We were very tired!!

Group shot on stage for awards!

Emma on stage as a finalist for a scholarship!

Reilly on stage as a finalist for a scholarship!

We had a lot of finalist including Eliza Krakower, Emma Rivers, Annika Norden, Reilly Faith, Natalie Herwood, Sofia Minter, Madi Dwyer, Sojourn Gudorf-Johnston, and Savannah Rolfe.  Eliza Krakower won a Steps on Broadway Summer Intensive Scholarship, and she was a Senior Outstanding Dancer Runner-up!
We left Boston with many awards and reconizitions, but the one big thing that we got out of the weekend was our experience.  We had a great time in all of the classes, and learned so much!  It was an unforgettable weekend!   

Friday, December 7, 2012

NYCDA we're coming for you!

Most of the TRIP dancers have left school and hit the road to Boston!  As we all  start to gather into the city the dancers will be going shopping in the huge mall thats attached to our hotel! Then later tonight some of us are going to a two hour class with Desmond Ritchardson!  His style is contemporary and his class is absolutely outstanding.  If any of you TRIP dancers get to Boston by 6 you should definitely come check it out!  The class starts at 6:30 and it's so worth it!   We have a pretty light schedule for classes tomorrow, then we go right into a long night of competing.  Thankfully for the Juniors they'll be done around 5:30.  However for the teens and seniors, we don't go stage until 11!  We certainly have a long weekend ahead of us, but we are ready!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Getting in gear for TRIPs first competition of the season!

It was a busy day yesterday at SDA! TRIP is getting ready for our first completion of the season! Next weekend (Dec. 8-9) TRIP dance company will be traveling to Boston to compete in New York City Dance Alliance!  Yesterday each group (Juniors, Teens and Seniors) had an hour and a half rehearsal to run through their dances with costumes and props, then we all got together to watch each others dances. After we all ran through our dances once, we invited our parents in to watch a second run-through of our dress rehearsal. At the end of the night we all concluded that we are ready for the competition!

Each group is competing three dances. The Juniors are competing Amazing Mayzie, Diamonds, and Hit the Road, the Teens are competing On the Town, Tea Party, and One of the Brightest, and the Seniors are competing, London Baby, Home, and I Know the Truth. We have been working on these dances since late August and at this point we know them like the back of our hands. Bring it on NYCDA!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

And our December Blogger is....

Ashley Prouty! 

Ashley is a Stowe Dance Academy & Stowe High School senior! She has been dancing with SDA & TRIP Dance Co. for quite some time now! We can't wait to see what Ashley blogs about! Make sure to share you thoughts & blog suggestions in the "Comments" box!

Friday, November 30, 2012

My last blog post: Backstage at the Nutcracker!

Congratulations to everybody in the Nutcracker...You were all fabulous! Here are the long awaited backstage photos from the 2012 Nutcracker production! Enjoy :)

Carmen and Zach (as Clara and Fritz) with Sojourn and Vlad!
Gotta love sausage curls
Nutcracker all wrapped up
Party girl dresses
Party girls getting ready
Pep talk!

and….. bomb by Maria!

Nervous? No!
Maria and Sojourn before the show
Happy family
Silly party boy: Sean
Sad family being not so sad backstage
Paul AKA "the bratty child"
Bratty children
Crazy faces by all of the party children
Fritz and his cousin are ready to go on! 
Clowns and reindeer getting ready
Soldier hats
Angle wings
Clowns in costume


Me with SDA student, Nadia
The amazing cupcakes at Carmen and Sojourn's cast party!
Mice hanging out in the dressing room
Ssshhh… this is how Emma and I remembered our maid part 
Prop table
The Nutcracker used in the show
Kate getting her lipstick on
Sunday party girls
Emma Rivers and I as the maids

Fritz (Michael) and his cousin (also Michael!)
Clara, Fritz and Cousin anxious for the show to begin
The cousins
The happy family
More silly faces
So excited!
Onstage bratty family….but real life sweeties! 

Emma with some of the party children

With Ms. Helena before the show

SDA/TRIP soliders: Reilly, Meghan, Emma and Grace
TRIP girls at Kate's cast party

Can't wait until next year!

Thanks for reading the blog this month!! I hope you have enjoyed reading it, as much as I have had writing it! Happy dancing!